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Products :
  Meters     Connectors
Multifunction Meters 96 x 96 & Digital measuring Instruments. They measure all energy & power Parameters. They indicate maximum, peak maximum demand, harmonic distortion, CE marked, RS 485 Compatibility.
To suit Energy Management field, BMS Systems power & energy Monitoring in industrial plant.
  Terminal Blocks with clamping spring terminals. Connectors with screw Terminals. Lumineure & Printed Circuit Connectors. Plug & Socket Connectors.
To suit the Lighting & appliance industry.
To suit large, Medium, & Small appliance & Electrical Equipments.
  Cables     Components
High & Low temperature Cables with Silicon rubber insulation Cables with insulated with fluorinated Polymer
PTFE : upto + 260 degree C,
PFA : upto + 250 degree C,
MFA : uptp + 240 degree C,
FEP : upto + 205 degree C,
ETFE : upto + 155 degree C,
To suit the appliance Lighting Motor, & Aeronautical industry.
  Rocker, Rotary, slide, Push button, Lever, Micro, change over voltage Switches. Relays, Indication Light, Gas lgnitors, Thermostats, Heating Elements, Appliance Couplers & Inlet Motors, Plug and sockets.