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National – Product Group

1. Protection & safety devices
Circuit breakers : miniature circuit breakers, moulded case circuit breakers-thermal & microprocessor
Automatic transfer switches, time switches, Industrial plugs & sockets, Industrial circular multipin connectors, Distribution boards, Trunking systems, LCS patch panels, Home automation products – Modular plates & switches

Motor protection relays , single phasing relays, under & over voltage protections relays
Winding thermistor relay , level controller, transducers , electronic timers
Micro processor annunciating systems

2. Auxiliary relay
RE300/ 301/302 /400 aux relay with 4 c/o
Coil rating from
12 V Ac to 230 V Ac
12 V Dc to 230 V Dc

3. Metering for utilities and electricity boards
Digital utility meters, trivector meters, energy meters, transducers, Digital panel meters, clamp meters, multimeters, insulation testers

4. HRC fuse systems
Fuse systems bolt type, bolted type, knife type,

5. Terminals & Connectors
Rail mounted terminals and connectors, PCB connectors, dist Blocks, Interface modules, switch mode supplies, solid state relays